Internet Frequently Ask Questions

Are You Paying More for Hosting Your Website and Getting Less?

Many web hosting providers in South Florida and elsewhere put the cost of hosting out of reach for small business owners. davTeks Hosting is leveling the playing field. We can work with your budget.

Are all web hosting companies the same?

All web hosting companies are not the same. Paying more does not mean you get more. Some servers are fast and some are slow. Much depends on bandwidth, and unlike some web hosting companies, davTeks Hosting does not host Internet dial-up accounts. That means our fast connections are reserved solely for the use of our hosting customers.

Why is speed important?

The faster your site comes up on the internet the greater the chance of keeping the customer’s attention on your site and not your competitor’s.

How do I get started?

Contact us to discuss your e-business needs. We will guide you to the right plan for your business.

Affordable Quality Hosting!
davTeks Hosting is nestled in the high growth South Florida community of Miami. We are the ideal web site hosting service for small and home based businesses here and abroad.

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